Welcome to my new blog! I'm going to use this blog to share a little of the behind the scenes life of illustration and art.

I'll be showing you sketches...

greece sketch by trudi Murray.jpg

...talking about my love of drawing from life, and why it's so important to me...


...showing you what I'm working on at the moment (if i can!)...


...and answering questions on illustrative practices, tips and tricks of the trade. If I know it, I'll share! It's so helpful when we form a pool of collective thought. It helps everyone make their very best work, and that's what I'm about.

I love a generous heart, and try to be one.

And there'll be the inevitable studio shots of this dear little friend of mine, who's always by my side.

Trudi Murray - Juliet Mckee Photography-51.jpg

It's going to be fun, and I hope you'll follow along, and find it useful.

My previous blog, where I write poems, talk a lot of nonsensical waffle and generally have lots of fun, will still be available at www.trudimurray.wordpress.com.


Trudi Murray - Juliet Mckee Photography-9.jpg

Any questions, on anything - how I do stuff, what materials I like, coffee or tea? Type them in the comments below, and let's get cracking.