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My name is Trudi.

I'm an artist, an illustrator, a dreamer in paint. A lover of colour. 

I know that magical things happen when feelings turn into ideas, and ideas become pictures, and pictures jump off the page and into your heart. I'm always chasing that extraordinary state of affairs in my work.

I'm also a writer and a poet. I'm never happier than when telling stories, or drawing feelings, either in pictures or words... or the two together.

I like reading, children, cats, cake and working out. 

I'm based in a lovely green corner of London, UK, near Richmond upon Thames. I work from a loft studio, with a view over the treetops, and a lot of open sky.


Hear some of my thoughts on painting, and doing what you love, in this video filmed in my studio:


I am constantly drawing. A humble little pencil is my favourite thing of all.


I also make illustrations on my iPad, and I love to paint, conjuring up work for exhibitions and art fairs.

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I've been in the press too. Fame at last! 

The were very interested in my studio shelf.



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The Richmond Magazine

(who asked me to paint a portrait of the Queen for a commemorative issue celebrating her 90th Birthday! This painting was later auctioned for charity.)

Many private clients, providing commissions and special, bespoke paintings

Recolo (book cover, published by Palgrave MacMillan)


I've exhibited / sold work at:

The Landmark Art Fair, Teddington

Constable's Boathouse Gallery

Riverside Gallery, Richmond

Richmond ArtHouse Open Studios

Crafty Fox Markets, Sheffield

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